Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Harry Potter Dumbledore Cabinet with Fawkes

Okay my friends, here is a sneak peek at my new mini that I have been working on for well over the past week.  First off, these pictures (as usual are not the greatest) pretty fuzzy!!!, however, when Fawkes is totally completed and he is well anchored to the cabinet, I will be shipping him and the cabinet to Tara. I know that her pictures are always better than mine.

I took a great deal of time and patience on Fawkes.  In creating him I did my homework.  I am not sure if anyone else has attempted to create Fawkes, but, if you know of someone who has, I would love to see their work.  When constructing Fawkes I started by using wire and forming the body, head and beak from one piece of wire.  I then molded the clay around the wire so that Fawkes is all one piece, (this gives him strength).  His legs also have wire and after molding the clay around the legs and creating his feet, I took the extended wire left on his legs and inserted that part into the body and then baked him.  I wanted to make sure that he would be very sturdy. Fawkes was definitely a challenge, but as most of you know, I love a good challenge.  Fawkes alone took me 3 days to make and feather.  However, I ran out of red and yellow feathers, so I am waiting for them to come in.  Then I can finish feathering him.  I tried to stay true to the movie when making Fawkes.  In the movie, Fawkes changes his appearance a couple of times, so I composed him by looking at the pictures and trying to come up with something I thought was close.  I detailed him in every way possible right down to the fine details in his face and beak. 

I then proceeded to making the Dumbledore cabinet using every bit of my imagination.  There are books, scrolls, potion bottles, crystal ball, pictures, and a lot more.  I left no stone unturned on this cabinet.  Everything is finely detailed.  You could say I put my heart in this mini.  I know that when I made the Harry Potter desk with Hedwig, I said that I hated to see him leave, well I feel the same about Fawkes.  He is so beautiful, he actually looks like he has a personality all of his own.

Well, now I am just waiting for the feathers to come in.  I am having my husband run to the Post Office everyday to check for me.  I am sure he will be happy when they finally come in so I will stop nagging him about going to the Post Office - LOL :)  As soon as he is finished, I will ship him and the cabinet off to Tara and she will post it in here shop.  I sure hope you like this mini as much as I do - it was challenging and fun.

Love to all,
XOXO ;-)

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  1. Its wonderful and Fawkes is amazing, cant wait to see him with all his feathers, youve made a fantastic job of him. hes one of my favs of the creatures in the movies as hes so colourful and youve realy captured that!