Monday, January 31, 2011

Why bother to follow us on Twitter?

Ok, so here's the deal.  So many times we have dear customers ask if they can be the very first to see or possibly buy an item before anyone else can get to it.  You guys are so sweet!  We just love ya.  Now that being said, sometimes it would be nice if there was a way that people could get first crack at something newly listed before anyone else gets to it.    So it got me thinking how I could make it easier for collectors to see what exactly we're doing or what we're working on...or even listing for sale on any particular day.  In comes the miracle website Twitter :)  If you sign up for a free account, you can easily add your mobile phone number to your private and secure account.  Why do this?  Because if I post something for sale (or any of your other favorite sellers who may have a twitter account for that matter) you will get a text message to your phone telling you I just Tweeted something.  I highly doubt I will get on there for random personal information that no one wants to hear :)  This will be updates like "Almost finished making this item I've been discussing on my blog and will be listing it tomorrow" or "I just listed this item in my store a few minutes ago".  You won't hear about how I have a cold or that I'm out grocery shopping right now. Only important stuff.

To be quickly notified about stuff we're doing, follow us on Twitter:
you'll have to add us on our page as well as sign up your phone in order to get these updates sent to your phone.  The easy instructions are on the mobile tab when you sign in.

It's so easy a kid can do it :)  We're under username 19thdayminis and all you have to do is do an easy people search.  So simple!

I will also be adding a link to the right hand side of the blog so that you guys will have a reminder where you can find us-also:

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Victorian Desk and Wall Table

Here are a couple miniatures (1:12 scale) I have completed and wanted to share them with my followers as well as new followers.  You will notice in the large vase the liquid looks like a pale blue, that is because the liquid has not dried completely and will be totally clear as if it is water when dried.  You can find them listed in Tara's Shop later today, if you are interested.  Thank you so very much for viewing my blog.

Sherry XOXO ;-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Custom order Easter Cabinet

This is a custom order Easter Cabinet.  I just wanted to share a few pictures with all of you.  I know it is hard to see a 3 dimensional picture, but, the cabinet doors are done in such a manner that they are 3 dimensional.  The grass actually looks as though it is growing right out of the door with flowers tucked into the grass and an Easter Egg nestled gently in the grass to give everything that unique 3 dimensional look.  The little straw hat was made into an Easter Bonnet and decorated in a traditional way with flowers, ribbon and the tie has been draped elegantly around the side of the cabinet and held in place with a little flower and butterfly.  The top also embraces a floral arrangement of Easter Lillie's with a little blue bird, a framed picture and a few Easter eggs to top it off.  Along the side of the cabinet is a picture surounded with a floral arrangement and a couple of Easter eggs tucked in.  There are 2 Easter baskets that have been hand decorated and filled with Easter eggs topped of with an elegant bow.  There are 2 hand made Easter bouquets, several Easter eggs on their little pedestal's and little Easter eggs tucked here and there on the shelves with an Easter cake and Easter Cards.  When opening the doors on the cabinet you will find a beautiful arrangement of Easter Lillie's, foil covered and glass Easter eggs in a decorated basket.  I know that you can't see the pictures, but, on each shelf of the cabinet I used Easter themed pictures as the backgound giving the cabinet a little more character.  This cabinet as well as all the others that I have created has been such so much fun to make.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Custom order "Alice in Wonderland Tree"

I have just completed a custom order for the "Alice in Wonderland Tree" and wanted to share a few pictures with my family of followers.  When doing custom orders I try so very hard to create the item just as I did the first time.  But as you know, there will always be an ever so slight difference to them even when they look alike. So, I consider each and every one of my custom orders to be an original in itself.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Wish Gift for Tara

This is a gift for my daughter in law, Tara.  Out of all the creations that I have made, the one that stuck with her the most was the Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree.  My Sweetie Tara, has never asked me for anything, however, when she saw the Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree she wished I would make her the Mad Hatter Hat just like the one that I put on my original tree.  Well, now that I am doing a custom order for another Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree (pictures to be posted when completed), I thought this would be a good time to fulfill her wish.  Above you will see pictures of the finished Mad Hatter Hat that I made for her.  I came up with a little something different rather than just the old standby of a hat box to put her hat on.  I first wrapped the bottom foundation of the stand with very elegant wrapping paper and then decided to take 4 miniature books and put Alice in Wonderland pictures on them and paint the edges of the pages in gold.  I arranged the books in such a manner that they would give a sense of interest to them.  The top book I put Alice in Wonderland pictures inside the front cover and first page of the book because I was going to leave the book open to put the hat stand in it.  The stand top where the hat seats was made out of a miniature wooden flower pot turned upside down and glued in place.  The hat fits perfectly over the pot and allows Tara to remove it if she so desires.  It was fun coming up with this little creation for her and needless to say it was my way of saying, "thank you Sweetie for all that you have given me".  My love and kisses will go out with this little gift of appreciation to Tara, my beautiful daughter in law.  Love you Sweetie, XOXO Mom in Law  :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Vanity

I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the vanity that I created for the same buyer of the Valentine Cabinet.  As you can see it has a hand made lace drape over the vanity with several (23) beatifully hand created perfume bottles, a touch of feathers for that femine side, a hand made sead pearl neckles drapped over the mirror, a mirror, brush and comb set, a little tuff of material peaking out of the dresser drawer and topped off with a white rose arrangement on either side of the mirrors.  SO much fun to do.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine Cabinet

This was a custom order for a friend of mine and I wanted to share a few pictures with my followers.  I had a lot of fun creating this cabinet.  My friend ask me to make a Valentine Cabinet and left everything up to me as far as the creation of it.  I hand painted the cabinet, and decorated it with a bottle of Champagne, Champagne glasses, chocolate dipped strawberries, cluster of glass grapes, a Valentine Cake, Valentine Cards and books, fancy bottles, red hearts with red crystals on them, candles for that special evening, and of course roses everywhere including roses towering up the sides of the cabinet, a basket full of red roses along with a special bouquet of roses on the top of the cabinet.  I truly had fun creating this custom cabinet.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The gift of a Christmas Tree

Here is a picture of the Christmas Tree that I made for the lady I told you about earlier.  Here is the story behind this Christmas Tree.

I had made a Christmas Tree for my God Daughter for Christmas and took it to where she worked.  When I took the Christmas Tree out to show her, her boss saw it and tears came to her eyes.  I looked at her, I asked her if she was okay and she said yes.  Then she told me, her Grandmother had made one for her. She said, she had brought it to work and put it on the counter as part of the decorations for Christmas last year and someone stole it.  My heart went out to her.  I knew the tree was very special to her as it was hand made by her Grandmother (who is now deceased) and it could never be replaced.  However, I told her that I would make her another one because I wanted to give back a little something that had been taken from her.  So the picture above is the tree that I made for her.