Friday, November 25, 2011

Just an update on my current projects

Well, Tara received my Marie Antoinette Doll and dining set.  She has posted it in her store if you would like to see much better pictures of it than I was able to take.  I am very proud of this set, as it turned out way better than I ever thought it could be.  I may try my hand at another mini doll soon.  But, for right now, I have just completed a few jewelry sets for Tara to post in her store.  I let my imagination run on these sets.  Each set will have earrings to match the necklace and one of them even has a bracelet to match.  I will be making a few more sets over the weekend and mailing them out to Tara on Monday.  I know as soon as she receives them she will take photos of them and post them in her shop.  If you are still looking for a great Christmas gift for someone, these sets would be very lovely.  So for now, I don't have any pictures of them, you will need to wait for Tara to take some pictures.

Sure hope all my blogging friends had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday.  I know that I certainly ate too much, but, I think I have room for a piece of pie right now. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking in to see what I am up to right now,
Sherry XOXO :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Completed Marie Antoinette Dinning Set

Ok, I stayed up late last night and put hair on her and styled it.  This morning, I finished decorating her hair and was so very pleased how it turned out.  Of course, I had to call Tara late last night because I was having trouble getting her hair to style - it was like working with Cotton Candy!, just kept sticking in bunches.  So with Tara's help I was able to make it more manageable.  She does have a little feather in the back of her hair, however, it did not show up in the pictures very well.  And as you know, my pictures are pretty bad and Tara's are just beautiful.  So, please bare with me on the following pictures and I will be mailing the complete set to Tara on Monday.  I know as soon as she gets it she will take wonderful pictures to show off all the fine detail involved with this mini.  This is my first adult mini and it took almost 3 weeks just to do Marie.  I must say, that I didn't realize how much work goes into mini dolls.  I want to aplode those that do this all the time.  I am sure that I will get better as I do more dolls.  But, I am patting myself on the back this time as it was my first and I think she is so pretty (much more in person).  So below you will see a few pictures of the now completed Marie Antoinette Dinning Set.

Love to all,
Sherry XOXO :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marie Antoinette update

Hi Everyone,

For those of you that have been waiting for an update on my Marie Antoinette set, here are a few pictures of how it is coming along.  It has taken me some time to mold her and design just the right outfit that I wanted to dress her in.  This was a very delicate job, as I wanted everything to be just right.  I know that the pictures do not show all the detail that went into stitching and designing her :-( and of course - she looks SO much prettier in person.  She does look a little funny with no hair right now.  I will of course be taking more pictures of her when she is finished and just before mailing her out to Tara to post in her shop.  But, for now, here are a couple of pictures of her at this point.

I do want to take this time and wish all my blogging friends a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Day.

Love to all,
Sherry XOXO

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update on Marie Antoinette pictures

Here are the most current pictures.

Complete set minis Marie

China cabinet front

Inside of China cabinet

Dining Table

Top of table with Cake and "Let Them Eat Cake" sign

Back of table

Here are a few pictures of the set completed.  I put a lot of thought into this before completing it.  I am now working on Marie Antoinette herself.  She will be seated in all her glory on the chair that has no arms on it.  I had to take the arms off one chair so that her beautiful dress would flow down on the sides.  She will be dressed in her traditional gown with all the trim, pearls, etc....  I have just finished making the custom hands and face molds for her.  This part of the project will take a while as I want her to be perfect in every way.  I will post pictures as I am going to show the progress of her.

Thank you so very much for stopping in and checking on my current mini.
Love to all,
Sherry XOXO ;-)