Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Just wanted to update you on the "Nightmare Before Christmas" tree.  I have completed it and it will be shipped out tomorrow morning to my daughter, Tara.  I must tell you that everything, and I mean everything was hand crafted from scratch.  They only thing I didn't make was the tree itself.  Jack and Zero were a challenge, but, I was truly amazed with the final product.  I hand made each gift box, wrapped them and finished them with skeleton leaves and mesh flowers that look dried and dead.  Jack is dressed in a black velvet suit with tails.  He turned out amazing.  Now, for Zero, he is the tree topper and he was totally sculptured.  I am a stickler for details and I am sure that you will see this in Jack and Zero.  I am also sending 3 other decorated Christmas trees and a fireplace.  I had a lot of fun decorating the fireplace.  Again, everything is hand made, right down to the presents surrounding the fireplace.  The fireplace sets on a beautiful brown crushed velvet carpet trimmed in fringe.  The Christmas stockings were hand made and hung on the garland that embraces the fireplace.  The logs were hand crafted as was the fire rising from the logs.  Just looking at it the fire burning seems to warm the heart.  The boxes were all hand made and decorated with lovely flowers, beads and ribbon.  It would be a beautiful addition to any miniature doll house or even just by itself.  I had a lot of fun creating these items for my daughter's shop and I hope you will find them to be just as elegant as I do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alice in Wonderland & Victorian Christmas Tree Shipped - Starting new Christmas Tree & Christmas Fireplace

Just wanted to update you on the progress of the 2 Christmas Trees I have completed.  Both the Alice in Wonderland and Victorian Christmas Tree's were mailed out on last Saturday morning to my daughter, Tara.  I am looking forward to hearing what she thinks of them.  The Alice in Wonderland Christmas is very detailed in every way.  It took a lot of time to complete that project.  I have just finished a beautiful Christmas Fireplace.  Everything on it was hand made and I am pretty proud of it.  The fireplace logs look so real that you would think I went outside and cut them myself, (but, I live in Arizona and we only have cactus out here - LOL ;-}).  And the fire rising from the logs gives it that authentic look.  Today, I will be starting another Christmas Tree, this one is black and will be based on Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" mixed in with a little goth here and there.  I should have this one finished by Friday of this week, so I will be mailing the Christmas Fireplace and the "Nightmare Before Christmas" tree out Saturday to my daughter. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree & Victorian Christmas Tree

Now, this is where my daughter would say, "I wish you had a camera Mom! ! !"  I promised her that I would be getting one really soon.  So please bare with me for a little longer and I will be able to post pictures of my finished work before sending it to Tara so that she can put it in her shop.  Well, with that said and knowing that I will be getting a phone call from Tara, (SOON), reminding me about the camera I should have, the Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree is completed and it came out really cute.  I made the Mad Hatter's hat out of crushed velvet and used it as the Tree Topper.  I also sculptured a few Christmas Tree Ornaments, such as the "Eat Me" cake, the "Drink Me" potion, a few of the baby faced talking roses, and a Mad Hatter's hat.  I decorated it with other Christmas ornaments, put it on a crushed velvet base with wrapped presents under it.  The Victorian Christmas Tree is also very well decorated with beautiful ornaments, presents, etc..., and I think it turn out very well also.  I will be sending the 2 Christmas Tree's out this weekend to my daughter and I am sure that she will post them right away.  I hope you all like them.  I will be making more Christmas Tree's and when they are completed, they too will be shipped out to my daughter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree and Other Christmas Trees

Well, this year has gone by so fast, that I am now finding myself making Christmas Trees for my daughters shop.  I am currently in the process of making an Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree and I am pretty sure that this will be a really nice one when I finish.  I just finished a Victorian type Christmas Tree and I really surprised myself in my accomplishments on it.  I am anxious to see how this Alice in Wonderland Tree will turn out and I have a lot of idea's already in my mind on how to complete it.  As soon as I finish it, my daughter, Tara will be displaying it in her shop.  I'm totally enjoying all these miniature projects that I am doing for my daughter.  Wishing all of you a very Happy Holiday Season.