Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Working on a new mini - Marie Antoinette dining set

Well, as you know, Tara did a beautiful Marie Antoinette set and it gave me an idea to do something in a Marie Antoinette setting too.  I have been holding on to a really nice table, chair and cabinet set for a while and decided to use it.  Below is the beginning of my Marie Antoinette set and as you can see, I am just getting started.  I have painted the pieces in a custom color, pastel blue.  I have completed the flower arrangements for the cabinet and the cake for the table.  I have many more items that I will be putting on the table and in the cabinet.  I am planning on making Marie Antoinette in her beautiful dress and accessories sitting at the table with her tea service.  This mini may take a little while as I am NOT going to spare any details on it.  So here is just the first picture of where I am on it now and I promise to keep you up to date with pictures as I go.

Love to all my blogging friends,
Sherry  XOXO ;-)

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  1. Looks like this is going to be a very special set.