Saturday, June 25, 2011

YUP!, I'm still alive.

For all my blogging friends whom probably think that I may have dropped off the face of this earth- Nope!:-) I am still here.  For the past month, I have been undergoing 12 to 18 shots a week in my neck and shoulders due to the pain of my reconstructive neck surgery.  I still go in every week, but, it is getting to the point where I can start functioning more now, SO, I am back. 

I also took 10 days off to visit my son, daughter-in-law (TARA!!!) and my grandchildren.  OH!, what a WONDERFUL time I had there.  Tara and I worked on a few items for her other store, "Shelfish Beauties" web site:  We had a lot of fun and she has added more items since I have been back in Arizona.  You might want to just take a quick look-see at her store.  She made my husband some soap one day and asked him to try it.  Now he refuses to use anything else.  Just to let you know, my husband has VERY sensitive skin and really has a hard time finding something that won't break his skin out.  Tara only uses top quality ingredient's in her products and my husband is a testimony to that.  In fact, just to let you know, we ran out of the only laundry soap that I can use on his cloths and went down to the store and bought some Tide - I thought okay, I'll use this until I can get his soap (as I have to order it).  Well, I washed his cloths and on the third day, his skin was in a full rash all over him.  Not knowing what might have happened, I took him in to see our doctor and the first thing the doctor asked was, "did you change any soaps or detergent's lately?"  Right then and there we knew what had happened.  So, he and I have to be very careful regarding anything he uses.  But, one day, Tara asked my husband if he wanted to try her bath soap and he did.  WOW!, he loved it and after his shower - BOY!, did he smell GREAT.  Yes, Tara only uses the best of ingredient's.  He now won't use anything else, he swears by Tara's soap.  But, anyhow, I had a great time back in Illinois and am looking forward to my next trip at the end of September.

Now, I get back home on the 12th of June and my husband had been doing some remodeling to our house (as you can see in the picture below) and that took away my work area for the past two weeks.  You can see on the right side of the picture, my roll-around tool box that I keep all my mini stuff in.  He finally got all the tapping and mudding completed, so I can get back to doing a few miniatures.  I am working on a couple of "Honeydukes Christmas Trees", until it is time for him to texture the walls and paint - then I am back to having no work space again for a couple of days.

YUP!, you read me right - "Honeydukes Christmas Trees".  I am sooooo excited and I can visualize exactly what they will look like.  There will be one tree that will go nicely in any ones Honeydukes Store and the could be for either inside or an outside tree.  The inside/outside tree I thought would be nice for someone that may have completed the interior of a Honeydukes Store and has no more room inside, but, might have room on the outside of the store.  Yesterday, I decked out the trees with glitter and made some tiny and fancy bottles filled with candies to hang on the tree.  There will be lollipop's, twisted candies, candy canes, etc..., including regular hand made decorations hanging on the tree.  There is a considerable amount of work being put into these two trees and I hope that my friends will like them. 

So, that pretty much brings you up to date as to what I've been up to.  I will post a couple of pictures as I go along.  I want to let you know that these two trees will not be exactly alike.  I am making sure that they will be somewhat different, so that they will be an OOAK.  Well, I will sign off now and go back to working on the trees.  I will keep you up to date with a few pictures.  Thanks so much for stopping by and checking up on my blog and I hope you have a Blessed day.

Sherry XOXO :-)

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