Sunday, June 26, 2011

Honeydukes Christmas Trees - just a peek!

Here is the first peek of the Honeydukes Christmas Trees that I'm working on.  I'm still working on the candies, goodies and ornaments that will be hanging on the trees.  Just to let you know, I tried really hard, but you can't really get the full impact of the beautiful glitter on the branches of the trees.  Believe me when I say, it is just so beautiful in person. The white tree looks as though there was a fresh snow fall and the branches have that beautiful white/blue glitter and the base of the tree has been touched with a glitter that reminds me of the new fallen snow during my years leaving in Alaska.  The green tree has an array of glitter to match the Honeyduke candy colors, (just like the Northern Lights in Alaska).  This emphases all the beautiful goodies, candies and ornaments that will embrace this trees.  There will be lots of candies and goodies both on and under each tree for all to share.  I will update you in a couple of days with all the candies and goodies, etc... that will be put on and under the trees. 
Thanks for checking in on my blog, Sherry XOXO :-) 


  1. Looking forward to seeing these brimming Sherry! Kate xx

  2. I'm happy to find your blog. You are my follower, but I cann't find you. Your blog is very beautiful. Thank you. Regards from Craftland

  3. You have peaked my curiosity, Sherry! I can only imagine the rest. I'll be l@@king forward to seeing the finished products. I know they will be true "eye candy." : )