Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Witch Hats

This is the front view of the hats

This is either the side view or the back view of the hats

To all my blogging friends out there, I have made some more Witch Hats.  Instead of the same old hat stands, this time I used a bottle filled with pearls, beads, tied it with a ribbon and attached a crystal, all to match the colors of the hat that it is attached to.  I thought this might be a neat way of showing off the hats.  They are all made out of clay and decorated in beautiful materials, feathers, flowers, beads and charms, they are very unique in their way.  Of course they are much prettier in person.   I have sent pictures of the hats to Tara and she has listed them in her shop.  So if you would like to see a closer picture of the hats from all views, you can buzz over to her shop and take a look.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog,
Sherry XOXO :-)