Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alice in Wonderland & Victorian Christmas Tree Shipped - Starting new Christmas Tree & Christmas Fireplace

Just wanted to update you on the progress of the 2 Christmas Trees I have completed.  Both the Alice in Wonderland and Victorian Christmas Tree's were mailed out on last Saturday morning to my daughter, Tara.  I am looking forward to hearing what she thinks of them.  The Alice in Wonderland Christmas is very detailed in every way.  It took a lot of time to complete that project.  I have just finished a beautiful Christmas Fireplace.  Everything on it was hand made and I am pretty proud of it.  The fireplace logs look so real that you would think I went outside and cut them myself, (but, I live in Arizona and we only have cactus out here - LOL ;-}).  And the fire rising from the logs gives it that authentic look.  Today, I will be starting another Christmas Tree, this one is black and will be based on Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" mixed in with a little goth here and there.  I should have this one finished by Friday of this week, so I will be mailing the Christmas Fireplace and the "Nightmare Before Christmas" tree out Saturday to my daughter. 


  1. Cool another one of my projects is Jack from NBChristmas! ! Cant wait to see these Trees and the fireplace sound a delight too, its so lovely your enjoying making them so much! ! Kate xxx

  2. Can't wait to see your projects Sherry! I have been working on a gothic fire place for 2 months, life and other projects seem to get in the way LOL. You are so talented, I think you have found your calling.

    Victoria : )

  3. Can't wait to see!!!! Love NBC and your work is great, perfect combo! :)