Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just a little info about myself


I would like to introduce myself and give you a little background on how I started getting involved in the miniature crafts.  My daughter, Tara, started creating miniatures over a year ago.  While visiting her earlier this year, she started to show me some of the work.  I was so impressed with her work that I just started asking her questions on how, what, where, you know all the general questions that one would ask.  I have been somewhat an artist most of my life and this was a new and thrilling craft that I just couldn't pass up trying out for myself.  So, when I went home, I started purchasing the materials needed to get started.  My first project was making baby fairies and it just grew from there.  I found myself trying other projects and I am so hooked on miniatures now.  I started making different items and sending them to my daughter so she could use them in her projects.  When I would come back to visit again, we would work on projects together.  There were days that we would start working in the morning and work right on through the day into the wee hours of the next morning.  I just have so much fun working with Tara and the time would just fly by.  She has taught me so much, (I still have a lot to learn), and it is a great honor to be able to work with such a talented artist.  I tried to branch out and make a few items on my own and found it to be very satisfying to see the finished items.  We have items that we have worked on together and I have come to realize that when we put our talents together, we seem to compliment each other and there isn't anything that we can't do.  I hope that you find our work to be as wonderful and creative as I do. 

I would like to give some examples of my work (please remember that I am just getting started at this so I still have a lot to learn).

This was one of my first learning projects.  Tara walked me through each step that I needed to take.  After I completed the hat box and hat, she put the final touches to it with the decorations.

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  1. Your work is very special, but I love it. Regards from Craftland