Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update for all my Blogging Friends

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would bring you up to date on what has been going on. First off, I have had a rough 3 weeks with my health and had to take time off to rest. I went in for a "normal" spinal tap, which is 1 poke, about 30 minutes and your out of there. Well, no one said that I was "normal". An hour and a half later, 8 numbing shots, and 8 times with that big a__ needle in TWO different area's they finally were able to get the three tubes of spinal fluid they needed - UUUGGG!!!! :-( My husband waiting out in the lobby was pacing the floors and knew that something wasn't right. Well, I was down and out for some time after that, but, I am up and running now.

I told Tara last week that I was working on 5 items for her shop. I have completed 4 of the 5 and this week I will finish the 5 one and get everything shipped out to her. I will post pictures of the items the day that I mail them to Tara. That way you can see them before they go into the shop, just incase you want one of them - you can email Tara and let her know.

As for my shop "HauntedMansionJewels", I really have not added any new items just yet. I wanted to get Tara's finished first. However, I am running a special right now. It is the Mother's Day Special and you get 10% off any item in the store. You only need to type "MOTHERSDAY" in the coupon code and it will automatically calculate it for you.

Well, I think I have brought you up to date now and I am back on track with everything. So keep an eye out for new items I make for Tara's Shop and for my shop.

I thank all of you that stopped in to check on me and what I am up to. Wishing you all a great day.

Sherry XOXO :-)

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