Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Honeydukes Cabinets

Actual Picture from the Honeydukes Shop

I have just finished painting and getting these two cabinets ready for their display of Harry Potter candies.  This time I wanted to keep the color of the cabinets as they are at Universal Studio's.  Some of our customers liked this color combination so I thought I would try my hand at it.  So I printed off a picture of the Honeydukes Store and mixed my colors to match, (see above picture).  You can actually put the picture up to these two cabinets and the color blends in with the picture so well, that you can't tell where the picture ends and the cabinets start.  You will notice that I put a rope border on the top of the cabinets to stay true to the effect from the shop.  I have made some really nice candy arrangements and have some really different types of bottles to put on the shelves.  I will post pictures once I have completed the cabinets.

Thank you for following my blog,
Sherry XOXO :-)


  1. That is a great colour! I have had a nightmare trying to match the colour, either too mint, too bright etc, so have chosen my own green now and am trying to get everything to match up as I have to remix every time! Cant wait to see it all dressed and the sweets in place. love the rope on it, thats great detailing! Kate xxx

  2. I agree with Kate, you must have a very good eye for colour. I never know where to start when colour mixing and always seem to end up with a totally different shade!
    Lovely work as usual Sherry

  3. Thank you Kate and Janice. I thought that bringing the colors from the Honeydukes Shop at Universal Studio into play would be really nice as a change. Thank you both for your kind words.
    Sherry XOXO