Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Wish Gift for Tara

This is a gift for my daughter in law, Tara.  Out of all the creations that I have made, the one that stuck with her the most was the Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree.  My Sweetie Tara, has never asked me for anything, however, when she saw the Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree she wished I would make her the Mad Hatter Hat just like the one that I put on my original tree.  Well, now that I am doing a custom order for another Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree (pictures to be posted when completed), I thought this would be a good time to fulfill her wish.  Above you will see pictures of the finished Mad Hatter Hat that I made for her.  I came up with a little something different rather than just the old standby of a hat box to put her hat on.  I first wrapped the bottom foundation of the stand with very elegant wrapping paper and then decided to take 4 miniature books and put Alice in Wonderland pictures on them and paint the edges of the pages in gold.  I arranged the books in such a manner that they would give a sense of interest to them.  The top book I put Alice in Wonderland pictures inside the front cover and first page of the book because I was going to leave the book open to put the hat stand in it.  The stand top where the hat seats was made out of a miniature wooden flower pot turned upside down and glued in place.  The hat fits perfectly over the pot and allows Tara to remove it if she so desires.  It was fun coming up with this little creation for her and needless to say it was my way of saying, "thank you Sweetie for all that you have given me".  My love and kisses will go out with this little gift of appreciation to Tara, my beautiful daughter in law.  Love you Sweetie, XOXO Mom in Law  :-)


  1. What a beautiful gift! You hatters hat is awesome Sherry. You are so lucky to have a sweet daughter in law like Tara. If you are making these to sell let me know, I collect top hats in miniature.

    Victoria ♥

  2. Hi Victoria,

    Thank you for the kind words. And you are so RIGHT, I am very lucky to have such a sweet daughter in law like Tara. She is the GREATEST! - a BEAUTIFUL woman (inside & out), a loving wife and a wonderful mother - who could ask for anything more. If you are interested in the hatters hat like the one I just made Tara, it would be $30.00 and I have a few more orders to fill before I could get to it. Just let me know.

  3. Ooooh I love it too! I think m going to have to save for one Sherry! Love the idea of the different stand with the books. Would look wonderful in my Hatters Hat room, if your making more lol! xxxx

  4. Hi Kate,

    Thank you. I would love to make you a Hatters Hat. I just received a custom order for one already, and making another one at the same time would be no problem. I know you said you needed to save up for one, just let me know and I will get started on one for you.

    Sherry XOXO ;-)

  5. Sherry thankyou! its my birthday in February so Im hoping I get some money as pressies so just whenever your ready thankyou :p) Kate xxxxxxx