Saturday, December 11, 2010

Witchy Stitchy Christmas Tree

Well, this time I tried my hand at making a Christmas Tree for a very crafty Witch.  This witch loves to sew and make things.  I decorated the tree top with a hand crafted cute witch hat that is decked out with flowers and feathers.  There are also small hand crafted witch hats with white feathers on the tree as ornaments.  You will find just about everything a crafty witch would need on and under the tree.  There are 2 baskets under the tree, one is filled with sewing notions, embroidery thread, scissors, pearls in a bottle and much more and the other basket has instructional books for embroidery, etc.  You will find spools of thread, large and small potion bottles, potion scrolls and much more under the tree.  Decorations on the tree are hand crafted witch hats, magic wands, lite candles, fabric on hangers, silver stars, golden suns, keys, witch brooms, potion scrolls, skeleton bones and the list goes on with the finishing touch of green bead garland.   I must say, other than the Nightmare Before Christmas tree, which I had so much fun creating, this one would be next in line as to having just as much fun creating.  I just purchased a new camera and I am learning how to use it, so please bear with me as these pictures may not be the best just yet.


  1. Beautiful tree Sherry! What a lucky witch :)

    Victoria ♥

  2. Your customer loved it and bought it straight away! Very well done and I know you'll soon get the hang of your new fabulous camera! You bought one of the best ones in that price range so I know in time you'll figure the features out :) Hugs-Tara

  3. Fabulous Tree Just love it, what a lucky customer! xxx